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Your well being is my purpose

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Restore your health with Therapeutic Massage​

Do you have chronic pain that isn't going away?

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep?

Would you like to feel better?

Are you open to alternative healthcare?

If you answered yes to any of these, it’s time for a change. When you’re suffering, you need more than pain relief. You need someone who sees and treats all of you; the whole person. You need a gentle solution to release long held patterns of pain. This is the beauty of bodywork; the more you receive the more it does for your health. Making the investment now for regular massage – no matter the type – will help you remain youthful, healthy and pain-free for years. Let me help you find the keys to unlock your body’s healing potential. 

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Treat the whole person

I support clients in overcoming their challenges by addressing the needs of the whole person.  At your first visit to Therapeutic Massage, we discuss options available to treat your problem areas, and implement a plan of care to treat your whole body.  

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Support self care

The way you take care of yourself at home can dramatically impact the health and well being of your whole person. Part of your treatment includes guidance on proper self care. Not only will you feel better just after one of our sessions but those good effects will last.

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Connect to your inner health

A healthy body is one that is in balance across all systems. I can support you in getting each of your body's regions and systems in balance, helping you achieve lasting health and wellness. Massage therapy is about body and mind working together to feel better. 

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